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360 Employer Branding Solution

Whether you already have some employer branding initiatives or not, but you know for sure that boosting your employer image helps your business thrive, we've created the 360 Employer Branding Solution, the one-in-all process that helps your company raise employer image awareness among employees and candidates. ​

Our services

EVP consultancy & creation

Employer Value Proposition is the most important element of the entire employer branding strategy. 

EVP stands for what makes you employer of choice for your candidate persona and is the foundation of your communication strategy.

Our team offers consultancy and tools to best determine your EVP.

IT Consulting

Photography & videography

Based on the employer branding strategy, we create the materials to support your EVP. 

In this digital era, it becomes mandatory to authentically present the company culture focusing on teams, employees stories and work environment perks.

Our team of videographers and photographers capture the work culture on camera and we make sure your employer image is best represented though photos, videos and interviews.

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Employer branding strategy

Once your EVP is set, our team creates the employer branding strategy to match your objectives. 

We highly recommend setting realistic objectives taking into consideration your current employer reputation and work environment.

Modern Workspace

Communication strategy & project management

When all the multimedia materials are approved by your team, we start the communication campaign. 

Based on your objectives, our marketing channels include both online and offline outlets. 

Our team of marketing experts creates the ads, adjusts the parameters and makes sure that your message gets to your target persona. 

We deliver the campaign report with pictures, data, facts and feedback.


See examples

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Ipsos Interactive Services

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