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Make Mondays Happy!

Don’t just find a job, find a team where you belong.

CV30 is the career technology that puts work culture first.



At CV30 we believe the right work environment is just as important as finding the right job. We put company culture to the forefront of your career search, helping you find a team of amazing people and colleagues that will allow you - and your career - to flourish.


 “If work isn’t fun, you’re not playing on the right team”

Frank Sonnenberg


CV30 is a people-centric career platform. What does that mean? Well, it means that we’re focused on the teams, people and culture that make up a business, not just the nature of the work. Company culture is a huge deal, and something that we believe should be right at the front of people’s career decisions.

Our unique platform allows you to meet the teams of top employers, see how they work daily, engage with specialists through professional content, all before you apply for a position. You will learn more about employers’ work culture and how teamwork is the heartbeat of any powerful organization. What’s more, open dialogue with professionals can help you decide which team is the best fit for you. After all, your team is emblematic of your career.


CV30 is a team of dedicated professionals who know that people do their best work when they are surrounded with like-minded individuals, in a climate where they can truly thrive.

Start your career with CV30 today and find a workplace that actually works for you.

How is CV30 different?

How does it work?

On, people post about work, depicting company culture, values, and day-to-day interactions and challenges. Candid videos and snapshots help drive the engagement and career reputation. There is an educational component to this process, as followers can get a feel for an employer and measure the social setting to determine if work-culture is a match. 

Our content is organized at the team level, so when you are browsing an employer you can learn about the personalities, cohesiveness, and culture of your prospective team, before you decide to apply to the job.   Perhaps you prefer to think things over thoroughly before delivering ideas, while your team runs at a faster pace and makes snap decisions? Or maybe you prefer a lively and collaborative atmosphere, but find your co-workers keep their heads down and their headphones on? CV30 is here to help you find the colleagues and work environment that works best for you.

Do employers post up to date info?

Each employer has a dedicated page

Yes, they do. All photos, videos, and presentations are representative of a company’s vision and culture. Company profiles and posts are clearly separated from employees’ posts, to differentiate between company, team, and employee values. We believe that prospective employees should first choose their people, not a faceless brand or benefits.

CV30 story

Why did we create CV30?

Freedom is in the choices we make! Happiness in the people we choose. To make Mondays happy we first should choose the right people to spend the most productive time of our life Monday to Friday.

cv30 team embraces the educational and social value of what they do. We are the type of people who want to take a great experience and share it with others. 

We are a team of hard-working specialists, who love Mondays and dread deadlines, who enjoy office cooked breakfasts and coffee meetings with clients, who work best when we are around like-minded people who laugh when it’s least appropriate. We deliver the best results when we love every minute of the process and we are there for each other even when the odds are not in our favour. We are colleagues and friends, we share passions and hobbies, we make the team stronger by empowering each other and we carefully choose our new team members to match our work culture. 

Meet the team



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We're hiring

If you are open minded, fun to be around, trustworthy and honest, join us to build the best career tech company!

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