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Digital Employer Branding Campaign

Our made-to-measure digital employer branding campaigns boost your employer image to your specific target group. ​

We work with a mix of channels to make sure your message reaches your audience: Facebook, Instagram, direct emailing, students' associations, students' social media groups, retargeting and remarketing.

Highly customisable and flexible, we recommend this type of promotion if you already have the employer branding strategy and you just need the channels to promote it.


Take a look at what you get

Paint Brushes with Paint on Them

Your own creative
helps you with visuals
and ad creation

Zooming on Tablet

Your own SOCIAL
knows exactly where
to place your message,
what parameters to set
& when to adjust

Green Typewriter

Your own
is able to create
catchy messages
& call to action

Why is digital employer branding promotion relevant?


On average, candidates use 12-18 touchpoints before making a decision to apply.

88% of hiring decision makers agree that an informed candidate is a quality candidate.

Office Space

Twice as likely to be hired because they're the right fit, informed candidates are well-researched and engaged with your company.


Employer Branding Digital
campaigns options


1 month

recommended if you want to promote a specific job opportunity 


3 months

recommended if you want to promote an internship or traineeship program, while boosting your employer brand

Creative Working

6 months

recommended for employers who want a full candidate persona journey from awareness to application, focusing on the work culture, team and job offer.

Keyboard and Mouse
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