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Tinerii de azi..


...want transparency

They are used to sharing info about themselves and expect the same from their employer.

They are spontaneous

Social Media shaped their behaviour for real, short, day-to-day content. 


They read through the lines

It gets difficult to sugar-coat reality, when addressing digital natives.

They get bored easily

Especially in a world where employers do very similar career pages and press releases.

The way to them


Reveal, don't create

Why create content that doesn't truly represent your company when you can just snap some photos of the real deal?

Show them who you are, how you work and what you stand for. 


Show, don't tell

Let them discover for themselves what it is like to be part of your company, from your employees, hiring managers or even the CEO.  


Teach them better

Your knowledge is valued and easier to understand in a friendly, visual manner. You and your colleagues can share your opinion and knowhow and be an influencer in your field. 

Choose the best option for you

Office Space

Company page on

30' demo 

Your dedicated company page on includes:


  • employer page

  • teams pages

  • unlimited posts

  • unlimited jobs 


In order to create your employer page, we will book a demo to present to you all the website's settings and content adding options.


Employers' examples: Ernst & YoungIpsosMercedes


2500 eur

App Screens

Digital employer branding campaign

Instant feedback

Our made-to-measure digital employer branding campaigns boost your employer image to your specific target group. ​

We work with a mix of channels to make sure your message reaches your audience: Facebook, Instagram, direct emailing, students' associations, students' social media groups, retargeting and remarketing.

Highly customisable and flexible, we recommend this type of promotion if you already have the employer branding strategy and you just need the channels to promote it.


from 1500 eur

making of zitec.jpg

360 Employer Branding Solution

4 steps all inclusive

Whether you already have some employer branding initiatives or not, but you know for sure that boosting your employer image helps your business thrive, we've created the 360 Employer Branding Solution, the one-in-all process that helps your company raise employer image awareness among employees and candidates. ​

Our service is an end-to-end solution for every employer branding need:

from EVP development, to employer branding strategy to visuals, copy and promotion. Our team is in charge of every step to ensure the best results for your business.


from 10500 eur

We have worked with various companies

from many industries


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