Want to hire Millennials and Gens Z?

We help you speak their language.

Youths today...

...want transparency

They are used to sharing info about themselves and expect the same from their employer.

They are spontaneous

Social Media molded their behaviour for real, short, day-to-day content. 

They read through the lines

It gets difficult to sugar coat reality, when addressing digital natives.

They get bored easily

Especially in a world where employers do very similar career pages and press releases. 

The way to them

Reveal, don't create

Why create content that doesn't truly represent your company when you can just snap some photos of the real deal?

Show them who you are, how you work and what you stand for. 

Show, don't tell

Let them discover for themselves what it is like to be part of your company, from your employees, hiring managers or even the CEO.  

Teach them better

Your knowledge is valued and easier to understand in a friendly, visual manner. You and your colleagues can share your opinion and knowhow and be a influencer in your field. 

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Show workculture

updates on feed

Adding content is as natural and easy as posting on any other social media platform

Add teams

and let their members share

team updates 

Everybody wins


has unlimited, easily

sharable content for

candidates to see


discover your teams

and interact with their members


less work to sustain continuous talent attraction




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