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Employer Branding Visual & Social Kit

There is no secret that nowadays the employer branding and recruitment activities require content generation & visual skills for online communication targeting potential candidates and current employees. The bravest employers choose to showcase their culture, management style and work environment through videos and photos and we are more than happy to help.

How it's made

-watch the video-

cv30 crew_edited_edited.jpg

Your Hollywood Crew

Our team of specialised professionals for business & employer branding photo and video production makes the process easy peasy. We take care of everything: setup, shooting, editing, post production effects and sound design.

What do you get?





The Employer Branding Visual & Social kit provides all the materials required for a fresh and up-to-date communication strategy, highlighting the local culture and work environment.

3 videos
- production & editing

A Real Hit

Show future candidates the work environment & the team, interviews with your top employees, the CEO's vision and video job descriptions.

Video Camera
Open Workspace

10 professional photos

from your office
- production & editing -

Our Clients Loved the Result

Let future candidates imagine themselves having a meeting in the conference room, working in your lovely open space or drinking a coffee in the relaxation area.

5 professional photos

with your top employees
- production & editing -

< Good for personal branding on Linkedin, in the press or at events >

Searching for the perfect photo to use for various corporate occasions won't be a problem no more with our help. Lights, camera, Photoshop...Start!

Young Lawyer
Social network concept

Social Media Visual Kit

1 visual for Linkedin ads, 1 visual for facebook ads, 2 visuals for Instagram, 2 visuals for Google Display ads

Remember that time when you wanted to make a Social Media ad, but there was too much text on the photo, you didn't know how to properly adjust its size for various networks and for some reason any action you took wasn't enough to make Facebook approve it? 
Well...even if you don't, our Graphic Design team will take care in advance of you not having to face all these issues with a complete Social Media Visual Kit for you to use as you like.


Understanding what makes your company 

different it is a lengthy process. If you do not have your communication strategy in place, we offer you a wide array of employer branding consultancy services, to define your Employer Value Proposition and to identify the differentiating factors that attract candidates and make you the employer of choice. 

We can help you identify:

  • What makes your company different;

  • Why employees like to work for your company;

  • Which are the perks that make a difference;

  • How to best express them through videography and photography.

We handle the entire process, from surveys to analysing and structuring the information, presenting the conclusions with options and suggestions for strategy development & go-to-market plan of action. 

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