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Where do you start in Employee Generated Content?

Today's topic: Employee Generated Content (EGC)

Let's go through the following 3 main points related to EGC:

1. How to encourage EGC

2. How to use it as an employer branding tool &

3. How to promote it

1. Why would you encourage employee generated content?

Studies and day to day mindless scrolling on social platforms shows us that employees already share insights about their work experience on social media, wether you like it or not.

The good thing is that the information which comes directly from the source - in this case, your employees - is usually more trusted, more shared and gains more reach & engagement than a traditional press release or an official statement from the brand itself.

2. How to use EGC as an employer branding tool?

- Start from the employees that are already talking about their work life on social media, then

- move towards those that are generally active on social platforms meaning that they are used to this form of expression and, finally,

- look for those employees who are passionate about their domain of expertise and just like to share their knowhow to whomever is there to listen.

Talk to each of them about the EGC program and find together a balanced approach which allows them to share insights about your work culture and industry knowhow in their own way.

3. Where to promote EGC?

In Social Media, of course, through the personal profiles of your selected employees via Fb, Linkedin, Instagram, Tik Tok, Clubhouse & so on.

As you already know, none of these platforms were created with the EGC concept in mind, therefore you can always turn to, our people centric career platform, where all content focuses on the teams, people & culture that make up a business, not just the nature of work.



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