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Resume of eight weeks @ CV30

What did you like about CV30? What might have surprised you at work?

Firstly, I liked the atmosphere at CV30. The environment is really friendly and the colleagues welcomed me with open arms. This was something surprising for me. The decision-making process is often made in a team and everyone is always asking for feedback. My opinion was heard, even though I was only an Intern. I really liked the appreciation the company showed me. During most of the days, I learned something new in terms of work or about myself. The feedback culture of the company is absolutely great. Everyone is used to it and is always willing to feedback you. Another surprising thing for me was that we started the day with a breakfast all together - a really nice thing to start in a work day and definitely a thing which strengthen the team chemistry.

What did you learn during the time at CV30?

CV30 taught me how to work completely digitally. I never used anything other than my computer to be a part of the working process from CV30. I learned a lot in terms of sales-based activities, ie. how to reach out and research a new market. Another thing I learned was to work in a well-connected team. At CV30 I practiced what it means to work hand in hand and what it means to be strong and stand your ground during difficult calls with complicated clients. I also had the opportunity to learn a bit about photography and videography production as the company let me try to work with cameras and other video equipment. This was something new for me and I didn’t expect that I will be a part of the creative content production unit.

Was the work more challenging for you or did you often get bored?

More challenging than boring, but in a positive way. I really learned a lot and I hope that my ideas somehow also have a positive effect on the company. At CV30 I had always a good feeling in terms of the workload.

What effects does the work at CV30 have on your future career or study choice?

CV30 gave me the opportunity to test different approaches and showed me how playful sales activities can be. I liked the concept of start-up before and CV30 confirmed that I want to work for a start-up business. I know that I don’t see my future in a company with 500 workplaces in one room. I want to achieve something, and I want low hierarchy with a direct feedback culture.

What opportunities do you see for you personally and in general in this professional field?

I think that Employer Branding is important for future work processes. The problem which I see is that, a lot of companies are not willing, at the moment, to implement EB activities. They might know that they have to do something in the direction of EB, but it’s still at the beginning and I’m not sure if Germany will be part of a big EB wave. I really like the concept, but I don’t think that I can find a job which only contains EB.

What could be improved in the future on CV30?

If I get it right, CV30 is growing every year. That is great. I think that the EB market in Romania is also not the greatest and therefore, the focus should be more on offline events. This is a unique and real USP for CV30. I know that you want to do more EB, but expand in offline events should, from my point of view, be considered and maybe followed straighter.

How do you suggest CV30 reaching out on students like you?

I think that CV30 creates a climate of equality and because of that students feel welcomed and they see a company which is interested in young people. CV30 says they speak millennial, I think CV30 also feels millennial and is millennial. Young content for young people which is created by young people. Authenticity and a fresh and new approach is, from my point of view, the key of the success of CV30. The mix between online and offline events and activities is intuitive and harmonic. Everyone like human interaction to a certain point, therefore it is important that CV30 is doing offline events. The experience from a career shadowing event is something which no online campaign can reproduce.

How do you see now, after your stay, CV30 in your home market?

I still see CV30 in Germany because I think that there is potential. I know that it is difficult to enter the german market because of the laws. I didn’t find a solution so far. Maybe it is an option for the future to try to get the contacts from Romanian clients which also operates in Germany. If you find a solution to get in touch with them completely law confirm, then there should be something. I’m not sure if the EB-Kit is the right product to enter. Big firms put a lot of effort and money through own EB activities in their firms and from my experience smaller firms didn’t see the need for it. Germany is not really prepared for the digital future. Still a lot of people think that the internet is something in plus and not the main thing. I’m not sure if it is possible to convince people from Germany if you are not physically present. Maybe digital campaigns (facebook etc.) can be a product for the german market. The need to be physically present is lower if you are selling a completely digital product. Also, the carer shadowing events is something which can work in Germany as well. Might be hard to organise in a different country, but definitely unique.



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