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How do you find the right team for you?

Have you ever considered choosing a team, instead of a job?

And I’m not talking about a company, a brand or a name.

I’m referring to actually assess a team’s culture & values before applying to a job opening.

Why is the team so relevant for your career?

Firstly, you will spend a fair amount of time with your colleagues which makes an impact on your state of mind and productivity. Are you going to like spending time with those people? Do you have some common interests? Perhaps you prefer to think things over thoroughly before delivering ideas, while your future team runs at a faster pace and makes snap decisions? Or maybe you prefer a lively and collaborative atmosphere, but find your co-workers keep their heads down and their headphones on? Keep all these in mind when searching for your next career move.

What is more, while the company’s brand and employer’s reputation might be the trigger for applying, the working environment might fall short on your expectations. Your team is emblematic of your career and you should carefully consider your future colleagues.

How do you meet your future team?

One way to see the team is to search for your future colleagues on career networking websites, like LinkedIn and get the conversation started. Ask them about the work environment and ethics, the management style and what makes their Mondays happy.

Our magic solution to meet your future team is - where people post about work, depicting company culture, values, day-to-day interactions and challenges. Candid videos and snapshots help drive the engagement and career reputation. You can easily get a feel for an employer and measure the social setting to determine if work-culture is a match. Our content is organized at team level, so when you are browsing an employer you can learn about the personalities, cohesiveness, and culture of your prospective team, before you decide to apply to the job.

Curious to see how it works? Let’s meet on and Make Mondays Happy :)



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