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Employer Branding ABCs | How to boost your employer brand free & easy 💡

In most companies, employer branding is a lengthy process, involving sturdy resources, especially in terms of time and personnel, without mentioning the chain of approvals which only burdens the communication and authenticity. There are companies which do not even get to plan an employer branding strategy because the costs and resources involved are too high to be justified. Moreover, the pressure to deliver fast results in terms of number of applicants makes the job of promoting the employer image even more difficult.

Taking all these into consideration, I present to you some free & easy options to promote your employer brand.

1. Setting up your Employer Value Proposition

Your EVP simply states the main reason why people work at your company and why candidates apply.

Is it the casual work environment, the international career development option, the flexible working schedule, the motivational financial package & flexible benefits or is it the commitment to make the world a better place?

The easiest way to get the hang of your EVP is to ask your colleagues what makes their Mondays Happy 😊

Keep in mind that the EVP is subject to cultural differences and the one from the UK might not be appropriate for the Romanian market, for example.

2. Choosing a visual that matches your EVP

We’ve all seen Shutterstock pictures promoting regional working environments and global EVPs. The striking discrepancy generates trust issues so my advice would be to simply use a picture of your team, for real, or, even better, a video showcasing your work culture and testimonials from your colleagues. It doesn’t have to be picture perfect or the best Oscar movie, so just focus on honestly delivering the EVP's message.

3. Turn your colleagues into brand ambassadors and influencers

We all know the power of the community referrals so the best free way to promote your employer brand is to offer your colleagues the opportunity to talk about what they love most about their job and provide them the proper channel to share their career development story and why they proudly work for the company.

Offer them a wide range of communication tools and channels to share their experience, such as posting photos and videos on social media and on dedicated career networking websites, like

4. Make the most of the free advertising channels

On Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and also on is completely free to create your company profile and add as much content as you like. The best advantage is that all these tools are easy to use and you can easily attract and nurture your talent pool. The key is to be consistent and keep your messages simple, genuine and on point.

I hope these tips & tricks turn out to be helpful in boosting your employer image and if you tested other free & easy to apply strategies, drop me a line 😉



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