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At CV30 we believe the right work environment is just as important as finding the right job. is a people-centric career platform, focused on the teams, people and culture that make up a business, not just on the nature of the work. Company culture is a huge deal, and something that we believe should be right at the front of people’s career decisions.

We remove the cost and effort barriers allowing all teams to present themselves and attract the right talent. On you can easily show to the world what makes your team remarkable and share a glimpse (or more) of what’s like to work inside the team, while candidates discover you in a friendly and collaborative way. Moreover, you can easily interact through comments & endorsements, post pictures, videos, articles and share constant updates in order to attract and nurture your talent pool.

For job seekers, cv30 offers the opportunity to take a sneak peak inside top-tier companies and teams so that you can discover the ones that inspire you or match your career aspirations. On, you find your next career move based on teams of amazing people and colleagues that will allow you - and your career - to flourish; you get your daily dose of career inspiration by constant updates from our community; or you just browse employers, teams, articles, professionals, because inspiration comes in many forms, shapes and sizes.

For companies and teams, is the best tool to find relevant talent that matches your team values and working environment. Every team member has a voice and we promote employee generated content as we believe that employees are the greatest employer branding influencers, especially when they share their professional journey inside the company. is a valuable proposition for every team manager, company manager, not only for HR or employer branding professionals. Based on the fact that the current employer branding process is lengthy, not granular at team level and most people do not get to have their say in building the company’s reputation, we created a trendsetting way to create and boost employers’ brand which is simple, user friendly, with teams-oriented content that gives everyone the option to participate and it’s affordable for every team, regardless of size or budget.

Our aim is to help both, job seekers and teams, to create the best working environment, either physical or remote, built around multimedia content transformed in value, giving everyone a say and a purpose while respecting principles. elevates Employer Branding in the digital era, making it affordable and easy for every team and employer.

Do you want to see how it works? Let’s talk and make Mondays happy!



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