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At Microsoft there's the belief that adopting a flexible working policy and trusting the employees to do their best in the environment they choose, can be rewarded with more satisfied staff, better results and increased productivity across the business. Microsoft offers dynamic and international work environment with a wide array of career paths.

Our objective was to express the work environment while emphasising the people who shape Microsoft's future, in order to attract cultural and skill fit candidates.

The process


Step 1

We met with the Microsoft team for a consultancy session to better grasp the office vibe and to set the objectives. Afterwards, we scheduled the photo and video shooting and kept in touch for the video interviews speeches.


Step 2

We visited the Microsoft office for photo-video shooting and we captured the office vibe on camera. Moreover, we emphasised the people behind the business by surprising them in their day by day activities and also while having fun at work.


Step 3

We edited the raw materials and delivered a well shaped business story which we promoted via different channels for 6 months. The Microsoft employees took an active part in promoting their employer and shared their story.



employee engagement and employee content generation on social media


authentic video & pictures for social sharing


best visual promotion campaigns with great results for Millennials


Alexandru Vrancianu

University Recruiter @ Microsoft

The results appeared quickly, the candidates are better prepared for the Assessment Centers and they know what to expect from the jobs they are applying for thanks to the video testimonials and the interviews with our colleagues; our programmes gained more visibility among students and graduates and the number of applicants keeps growing with every recruitment campaign that we run.

G2 Travel

G2 Travel is an international Wholesale Tour Operator with offices in more than 20 cities around the world. For new joiners, G2 Travel offers a dedicated trainers team who will guide them during their first months; international mobility opportunities; the chance to visit the main destinations they are selling by going on business trips and they will also benefit of a continuous personal and professional development through their learning programs.

Our objective was to capture on camera the relaxed work environment and the young team members who make G2 a great place to start one's career. Moreover, we had to grasp the multicultural office vibe and make it viral through photos and videos.

The process


Step 1

We set the stage right in order to capture the best office hours snapshots and we made sure we would deliver the most accurate message through photos and videos. 

Also, we combined various career opportunities messages in order to better present the employer value proposition.


Step 2

G2 Travel family grew and they required a new, bigger, better office. 

So, we went and refreshed the photos & videos materials with the new, improved office space in the background.

The CEO's business vision made the company reachable for young talent in search for their first career step.


Step 3

We delivered a growing business timeline, where the employees' development is core focus. 

What is more, we recommended that key employees should take the microphone and speak on camera about key information (recruitment process, induction days, special celebrations, open days).



office life and work environment captured on camera 


authentic video & pictures take grasp the local culture


top management and selected employees professional photos 


Elena Gamulea

Head of Human Resources @ G2 Travel

The photos and videos about G2 Travel, made and promoted through social media by cv30, showcase genuine and representative aspects of the office life and way of working of our employees, young and positive people who are eager to grow. Lavinia and Beatrice stood by our side for job fairs, open evenings for the candidates and well-being events organized inside the company. I think I can say, without any doubt, that they carry a part of the G2 spirit :)

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