Digital Employer Branding Campaigns

We Speak Millennial

Get Yourself Out There

Companies with a great
employer brand report a
50% increase in the number
of applicants.

Attract the Right

Make yourself visible to people
who are a great cultural fit for
your company.

Relax & wait for the results

We take care of everything:
text copy, visuals, call to
action, campaigns setup,
monitoring & reporting.


Take a look at what you get

Your own creative
helps you with visuals
and ad creation

Your own SOCIAL
knows exactly where
to place your message,
what parameters to set
& when to adjust

Your own
is able to create
catchy messages
& call to action

Employer Branding Digital Solutions

What's the best for you?


3 months

  • You want communication & social media expertise

  • Your EVP is defined

  • You already have visuals that describe your EVP

  • You are willing to do the text description (copy) for each ad by yourself


12 months

  • You want a Millennial communication strategy with little effort from your part

  • You want a Millennial shaped employer image

  • Your EVP is defined


12 months

  • You want us to help you define your EVP

  • You want a Millennial communication strategy

  • You want a Millennials shaped employer image

Want some help with your employer branding strategy & EVP?

Book our employer branding consultants to help you figure out your Employer
Value Proposition and build your communication strategy for Millennials.

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